Proof of Age Proof of Age

Many content providers now require user to have a registration on file that proves you are over 18 before you can access to specific sites. Some use a credit card or an Internet FirstVirtual account number as proof.

This method relies on the judgement call of another to restrict their material to 18 and up and can have nothing to do with the values you want your children to have(1). Material you may deem unappropriate maybe perfectly acceptable to the content provider and vice versa.

Additionally, these jugdement calls are made impartially becuase the content provider has no incentive to keep objectionable material out of the hands of a minor. The smaller their audience, the smaller their revenues(1).

Parents should also keep in mind that many Internet users post lists of passwords, their own and others, for restricted sites. Any child can easily find this list of passwords and enter restricted sites without having to pay a dime or verify their age.