Parental Guidance Parental Guidance
One of the best methods for controling what your child is exposed to on the Internet is old-fashioned parental guidance. Only you know what is appropiate for you child to view and what isn't.

All parents get to know the friends and places their children like to hang out after school and weekends. They also know the television shows their children like to watch, radio stations they like to listen to and books and magazines they like to read. Parents should do the same with the Internet. By sitting down with you child and getting to know the sites they like to visit, chatrooms they frequent and other areas of interest, you can help instill the values you want them to use when surfing the net just like you do with television, radio and print materials. You can also encourage your child to visit sites you think are appropiate and educational.

This respect and trust you build between you and your child will occur when no one is around, survive ever-changing laws and software up grades and give you the piece of mind when your child is not in your direct presence(1).