Parental Control on the Internet
Parental Control on the Internet


Over the past few years the Internet has gained in size and popularity. With an estimated 1.5 million websites, with thousands being added daily, we can find almost anything on the web and unfortunately so can children.

Parents and legislators, concerned over websites with inappropriate material for children, have tried to regulate content on the Internet. Many advocates of free speech have fought hard and won many battles over these attempts at regulation. They believe government censorship will stifle both the positive and negative growth of the Internet.

Government censorship of this vast, worldwide network is unrealistic, but there are still many options left for parents concered about what their children are exposed to on the net. Like many things in life these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Within this site I have explained all methods, past and present, available to parents.


Parental Guidance
Author Rating Systems
Proof of Age
Proprietary Environments
Filtering Software
Third Party Rating Systems

Written by Jennifer Passudetti