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It's never too late to do something on the Internet. Students from around the world have worked on research projects together, talked to each other and learned about each other's culture and country. Right now, as you're reading this, there are two children communicating to each other from opposite sides of the world.

Through the Internet, the possibilities are just about endless. Children can learn about the Orient or find out what's going on Argentina whenever they want. It allows students to learn at their own rates with a wide variety of classmates.

They have a headstart with computers, most likely beginning around second or third grade. By the time they graduate from high school, they'll be all set and ready to go and conquer the world with their extensive computer knowledge!

Some of those children already have homepages on the World Wide Web. Check out some of them out through Web66, a project that lists schools with homepages from around the world. It also helps educators learn how to set up their own Internet servers, link web servers and the educators and students at those schools, and help eudators find and use the right resources on the Web.

So if you want to learn about different ideas and beliefs, the Internet allows you to do that. Or if you want to share your own thoughts, hey, the Internet can do that, too. The possibilities for knowledge are everywhere in the Internet.

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