A year ago, Prodigy one of the original online service changed its look and name to Prodigy Internet. It has increased its ties to the World Wide Web and has become more of an enhanced internet provider than an online service. The original release was in 1990. Prodigy was the first online service to provide $19.95 a month unlimited access. Prodigy works in tandem with either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. Also Prodigy works in either browsers mail reader. The easy navigation around the service is due to the customizable icon toolbar. It also has functions like return to home,a "go to" command for quick access to specific pages and find and search commands. Prodigy Internet is well organized. The use is easy for beginners because of the easy navigation. Available in Parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America(other services include Prodigy China and Prodigy Mexico)


Blocking software available in the Account Manager that allows you to control your child's access to Prodigy, the Web, newsgroups, chat rooms, and programs on your hard drive.


Entire kids page in Best of the Web section.


"Essentials" is an excellent tool to help newbies learn about 'Net extras such as E-mail chat rooms, and newsgroups.
Virtual tour still under construction, so you have to learn Prodigy Internet on your own. Return to main menu