MSN came out in 1995, and was a work in progress. It had several releases of different versions of the service. The biggest problem was connection for users. They were constantly being knocked off shortly after logging on. The E-mail program was in trouble because of bad mail servers. Microsoft had to replace nine of them last spring. Members had trouble sending and receiving mail. But thats all in the past. Now with upgraded equipment and added features to the E-mail, members can send attached graphic files. Another great feature of E-mail is that members can find an E-mail address for anyone who has registered with one of the major online services. One of MSN's greatest feature is the news service MSNBC. This is a joint venture with NBC and is presented in a newspaper-magazine format. MSN is constantly changing and trying to improve and currently is in a distant 2nd place behind AOL (since CompuServe was acquired by AOL. It has changed from an entertainment provider to more of an information provider. Available in Canada, the United Kingdom,Japan France, Germany, and Austria.


MSN requires users to set ratings when they sign up; this filters all MSN and rated Internet content. Any non-rated material will not pass through.


Internet Gaming Zone, Pen Pals, Disney's Daily Blast, Warner Brothers site.


New feature allows easy access from desktop, easier set-up more reliable E-mail than previous versions.
Black screen is not always easy to read some of MSN's best content is provided free, so there is no real advantage to paying for extra services. Return to the main menu