CompuServe Inc. started the first consumer-oriented service in 1979. CompuServe catered to business, professional and technical people. These professionals were looking for electronic information and contacts. CompuServe members are college-educated and on the average are in their 40s. Their average annual income is about $77,000. Most own their own businesses. CompuServe now known as CompuServe Interactive or CSi has changed with the times. The system has recently added state-of-the-art features. CompuServe has been recently acquired by AOL, but will still have its own identity and interface. It still will cater to small-business and professional users. CompuServe is great for serious beginners, and advanced computer users. Available in 185 countries.


Parents can customize what kind of information they want to restrict:by default, the first time adult-oriented material is accessed, the user must create a password, answer verification guestions, and enter credit card information.


No kids services, but educational forums available.


Plenty of content for serious adults, well-orgainized chat rooms and forums, excellent E-mail service, lots of technical support.
Takes up a lot or hard drive space, hybrid "Web" interface is confusing, accessing the Web sometimes cuts connection to service, can't easily configure the Web browser. Return to the main menu