Best Sites for Kids

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Cool Places for Kids
Excellent place for kids to have a glimpse at Alaska's animals, learn about geography, history, biology, and arts.
Cartoon Corners
Teaches kids to draw cartoons step by step. Has art studio, puzzles, links to other funny pages and stories.
Media Education Just for Kids
Designed for kids between 6 and 14 years old. Provides information about how television, film and video games are produced and marketed. Linked to lots of other kids' activities about media.
Provides electronic playground for kids from four to fifteen. Ask kids to find difference between two similar pictures. Train perception. Great fun!
Index of Children's Web Fiction
Reviews and listings of fiction sites appropriate for children.
Deaf CyberKids: Fun Activities
Add-A-Story activity. Help kids losing hearing ability to enjoy writing.
Global Show-n-Tell-Homepage
Virtual museum of kids' artwork all over the world. Parents are asked to surf together.
Offers school resources, kids/teens regional sites, kids virtual village.
A weekly feature published in newspapers all over North America. Designed for kids to find fun in their education.
Kids Web
A collection of Internet resources for parents and children to explore together. Links that some children have enjoyed exploring and links to other web pages designed specifically for kids are included.

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