Advantages for Students Using Net

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Making learning great fun

The use of networks can be a great motivator for students. On Net, there are lots of reading materials with impressive graphics and sound. They can catch kid's attention at first glimpse and keep children's concentration. In this way, reading becomes great fun. Kids can also learn drawing, pay a visit to some galleries, or make some field trips on the Internet. Participation in these activities keep kids busy and arouse their great interest in learning.


The Internet also offers students opportunity to send and receive E-mails from any friends in the world. On Net, there are a great number of pen-pal programs to get children friends from almost anywhere in the world. Many mailing lists are devoted to certain topics related to children's life. Using electronic-mail, kids are able to express their ideas, exchange opinions with others quickly. These activities are magnetic because of their interactivity. They can help children to improve their skills in communication, in understanding and making themselves understood. E-mail makes writing fascinating instead of painful. It is more important that E-mail brings kids a sense of globalness.

Improve students' ability in doing research

A study last year by the CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology) summarized that access to online services in the classroom can increase learning.

The study showed that students who had access to online services performed better than their counterparts who didnot have access. The study compared the work of 500 students in forth-and sixth-grade cladded in deven urban school districts. Half the students had access to online services and half did not.

"There was a significant difference in the quality of understanding and ability to gather resources in suppport of an argument," Skip Stahl, director of trainign at CAST, said. "Students who had access to online use not only were able ot identify and articulate a problem more clearly, but also were more informed and had projects that were more compelling."

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Xiaoli Liu
College of Journalism and Communications