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Net has brought great changes to lives of both teachers and students. According to one research by NCTA(National Cable Television Association), net is available in 68%-78% schools in the United States. About 67% k-12 educators use Internet for teaching resources. More and more classrooms get incorporated with computers. More and more kids are using net for leaning and research. The application of computers in education is a sure thing. And one of the most important services net is designed to provide is educational service. Here I will talk about applications of net in education and problems involved in them and possible solutions to these problems.

Application of net for educators

Advantages for Educators Using Net

Problems for Educators Using Net and Possible Solutions

Educators still need improvement in their skills of using net effectively

Possible solutions

Best Sites for Elementary Educators

Application of net for students

Advantages for Students Using Net

Problems for Students Using Net and Possible Solutions

Security is the most serious problem for students using net

Possible solutions for students using net

Best Sites for Kids

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Xiaoli Liu
College of Journalism and Communications