Best Sites for Elementary Educators

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Web Sites and Resources for Teachers
Collection of sites and resources from the Internet for teachers to use in their classrooms. Resources are arranged in 8 categories: language arts, social studies, math, science, art, music, just for kids, ESL/bilingual.
Teachers on Net
It has a valuable curriculum bank, teachers' net chat board and a mentor center for grade-level discussion.
CLN(Community Learning Network)
This site is designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.
WebSite for Busy Teachers
Site is organized by subject areas and affords direct links to source materials of use to K-12 teachers.
Project Star
Train teachers on the use and development of Internet resources.
Educator's Toolkit
Includes a monthly newsletter featuring reviews of educational web sites, themes, lesson plans, parent and teacher resources.
Educator's Arena
Offers current issues, administrative resources, curriculum resources and links to student and school projects.
Teacher's Oasis
Designed for K-12 teachers who are new to the internet. Links to teacher-useful websites and a handy dictionary of terms used in the website.
Education Resources
A large collection of various resources for educators.
Discovery Free Educators Guide and E-mail Lists
Offer free E-mail lists to discuss with other teachers and weekly reminders of programs and online events.

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