Problems for Educators Using Net and Possible Solutions

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Educators still need improvement in their skills of using net effectively

NCTA's survey summary suggests that most teachers appeared to be net novices. Only 40% of the teachers surveyed think they are well prepared to use the net in classrooms. This is true. Brock Meeks, MSNBC's columnist, expresses his worries on this issue in "Parent from Hell". His son did some clip art in his homework. The teacher was quite confused how the fellow did it. Meeks cannot help worrying about that if the instructor doesn't know much about the technology, how can he or she instruct kids to use it efficiently to learn.

Most educators are not quite ready for this prime-time technology. Some basic training is still necessary:

Possible Solutions

Providing basic computer training courses for prospective teachers at college and present educators is the only way.

Computers are not so strange to today's college students as to their parents or grandparents. Most of them know how to surf web, log on and log off. Therefore, courses at this level should be aimed at improving their skills to use search engines and to integrate Net information into classrooms.

As for present educators, training courses had better be divided into different levels according to teachers' knowledge about computers. Courses for novices should be more detailed. Teachers with advanced knowledge in this area can also help to train their colleagues.

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Xiaoli Liu
College of Journalism and Communications