Advantages for Educators Using Net

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A valuable repository of resources for curriculum development

The Internet expands classroom resources dramatically by making resources from all over the world available. Teachers can instantly access libraries, museums, other teachers' lesson plans and classroom projects. All of these materials can be great inspiration to educators. Educators can also use Internet to obtain knowledge about how to integrate resources on Net into their classes. A lot of networks offer samples of lesson plans and even assessment.

The availability of online library catalogs and information articles saves educator's trek to libraries. Actually it can save considerable time once an instructor learns to use many features of the Internet. As teaching itself is also a process of learning, educators can be better-informed by having access to educational resources on Net.

Direct instruction in classroom

According to NCTA, one-fourth of those teachers surveyed use the Internet in their teaching for thirty minutes or less per week. Two-fifth use it for two hours per week or less. The final third use it for three or more hours per week. Some teachers use Internet to teach geography; some use teleconferencing in classes; and some use Internet for reading, writing, art and biology. If you are interested, please stop by these sites. You will get a sweet surprise.

Easy discussion with others all over the world

Internet access also makes the dream to contact with other people in the world come true. By using E-mail or mailing-lists, teachers are able to share their expertise with others. They can discuss questions with friends, colleagues, and experts, no matter where they are if they have Internet access. Teleconferencing and Chat Forums help educators to learn from each other. They eliminate educators' isolation and build a certain community, which will greatly help instructors to be better ones.

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Xiaoli Liu
College of Journalism and Communications