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  • September 1997- World Vision survey claimes 15% of North Koreans have died from starvation.
  • FAO reports 1.9 million tonne food shortage.
  • Aid agencies appeal for help in food crises.

A survey by the US aid group World Vision that was carried out along the Chineses borderby interviewing fequent visitors to the North and North Korean refugees indicated around 15% of North Korean had already died through starvation since January. World Vision vice presicent warned on CNN that:" At least half a million people have died, probably closer to one or two million."

Returning from the fact finding mission in September, the director of United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) , told a news conference that North Korean faces a shortage of 1.9 million tonnes of grain over the next year.

The World's international aid agencies swung their attention towards North Korea in April as warnings of an approaching famine grew louder and Pyougyang officials admitted 134 children had died of starvation. The World Food Programme said that most North Koreans were surviving on 100 grammes ( 3.5 ounce ) of rice or maize per day and they need to find other supplementation such as leaves and roots. Meanwhile, the International Red Cross said most food suppies in North Korean countryside had stopped being distributed by the end of February because they had run out.
FAO made a seperate appeal on april 21 for 14.3 million dollars in aid to go towards six projects to help North Korean restore its ability to produce sufficient quantities of food by reparing irrigation systems and implmenting double croppings.

The most serious fact is the children of North Korea are dying . Notably the director of the World food Programme, has started to raise awarness of the serious situation in North Korea. More and more national campaigns and aids for North Korea is increased by South Korea as well as international ornganizations. If you are interested in this issue and have willingness to help them please go to useful links

-this report is based on " North Korea Report "

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