Internal Possibilities of Internet PR

Today, with corporations growing so large and spanning all corners of the earth, internal communication is more important than ever. The Internet offers many possibilities for internal communication.

Electronic Mail
One possibility is electronic mail. E-mail allows organizations to quickly disseminate information and news to every employee across the entire company. E-mail can also be used to share files and documents. It saves time and it saves the danger of disks being lost or ruined in the transferring process. Electronic mail is faster than paper mail, and it is cheaper than using a telephone or fax machine (2).

Online Newsletters
Another opportunity to improve internal communications is with online newsletters and bulletin boards. These are helpful in communicating rapidly changing information among employees. Online publications are harder to miss than the traditional hallway bulletin boards. Online newsletters have become extremely popular over the years and they are now used by many corporations world wide. They are typically easier to create than traditional newsletters, and many companies supplement them with a monthly paper publication.

Online Reports and Press Releases
The practice of putting annual reports, quarterly financial reports and press release archives online is also helpful in internal communications. This is a more economical way to make this information accessible to shareholders, employees, management and anyone else who may have an interest in the company. This technique helps to keep employees and others on top of what is going on with the company. It saves the company time, and it saves on production and distribution costs.

Online Conferences
In certain situations within a company, it is necessary for management to communicate immediately with employees in offices all over the world. For this reason, many companies utlize online conferencing. Employees can communicate with one person or thousands at one time. Because of its immediacy, online conferencing is especially useful in times of breaking news or crisis (2).

An Intranet is an internal computer network that is of great assistance to public relations professionals. On these systems organizations can store internal reports, employee directories, production figures or other sensitive data. These databases are protected from outsiders and serve as a great way to improve inter-office communication and to save paper, time and money. Intranets are a step towards creating the paperless office (6). The Internet allows employees within a company to unite and work together from all corners of the globe. Corporations are growing larger and larger everday, but the Internet is making them feel a little smaller.