Internet Shopping: Wave of the Future?

Internet Shopping: Wave of the Future?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to rent a video and not leave your house, or book a two-month trip to Russia without having to take care of all the reservations yourself? Well, these possibilities and many more will soon be at our fingertips so to speak in the very near future with the way technology, and more specifically, the Internet is exploding.

The Internet has taken off dramatically in the last few years and has made life more convenient for millions of people around the world. It is used to retreive information, obtain jobs, and even as a channel for electronic commerce. These are just the basic capabilities that we are accustomed to. Within the next few years, the possibilities and capabilities of the Internet will be endless. With that in mind, this presentation will thus attempt to focus on one of the Internet's main functions, and a function which will become a larger part of our lives in the next few years.

This presentation will attempt to show what kind of similarities Internet shopping has with conventional non-store shopping. It will also reveal factors influencing Internet shopping, the benefits, motives, and risks involved, and take a look at recent empirical WWW surveys. These surveys proved that a number of factors were found to increase the likelihood to shop on the Internet. Those factors included previous activity in in-home shopping, computer or Internet related work, Internet experience, active Internet use, and product uniqueness. Finally, the risks associated with Internet shopping, such as the inability to inspect the product, payment method and slowness of buying will be dealt with. So sit back, poise that mouse finger and let's go to work.

Let's shop around!

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