Snow Festival

Region: Hokkaido

City: Sapporo

What is it?

Elaborate figures sculptured in snow are lined up along the main street of Sapporo, Hokkaido. The sculptures can be as big as 20m long in size. At night, each sculpture is lit up with colorful illumination. There are many consession stands along the streets offering hot drinks and snacks. The festival is an invention of the people in north who try to make the best out of the winter.

Preceeding is the "White Illumination" which lights up the streets of central Sapporo with thousands of lights for a few months until the snow festival begins. The biggest crowd of tourists is expected during this week every year from all over the world.

When is it?

It is usually held in the beginning of February for one week. Choose this link to know more about Sapporo.

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