Tips for making advertising better.

..... According to David Malickson, creating ad copy involves going through a creative process, not just throwing out randon ideas, but using applied sales psychology. To create ads without applying some plan or basis would be a bit like the attorney saying, "I don't know how I won that case, I just did it."(Malickson 1-2). A successful attorney will be extremely careful how the facts are presented in a case. He or she ponders them over and over for maximum impact and persuasive power. And so, too, must the copywriter (1-2).

..... First you are going to need a Competetive Marketing Advantage(CMA). According to Malickson, this is usually set after a careful analysis of the product's attributes, competition, target audience, distribution and pricing structure (1-4B). The CMA basically is the thrust of your message. All other elements of the ad should revolve around this. Once you have your CMA, you need to use applied sales psychology, or what Malickson refers to as the Rational Sell (1-5).

Rational Sell:

..... The psychological process, writes Malickson, involved in most selling situations to favorably motivate human bahavior includes: getting the prospect's Attention , building Interest in the item, heighten Desire, and propose a course of Action(1-5). This sales stucture equates to:

By following this simple example, you should get started on the right foot. But, for further rescources and helpful hints on advertising visit Advertising World. I highly recommend it as your one stop links page to some of the best advertising resources out there.

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