The Great Ones.

..... One of the most commonly refered to attributes of an ad creator is to "get it." Whether, they are a copywriter, a creative or an art director, a person must be able to look at all the different elements of an ad and "get it." "Getting it," involves bringing together all the elements of the ad in such a way that they compliment and support one another. For many this can take years of experience to acheive. Others just get lucky. In either case, it's hard to do this consistently. This is why, as you have seen (if you looked at the Ad Graveyard), so many Ads are doomed from conception.

You may already know what it looks like when everything goes wrong. But, you also need to see, and be able to recognize what advertising looks like when it goes right. Follow this link to Microscope's: Best Ads on the Web. It is a weekly publication that showcases some of the best web advertisements. You can also visit their archives of past web winners.

PS: When attempting to create your own award winning advertising, take my advice, and avoid:

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