What makes for bad advertising.

..... Lets face it, good advertising requires teamwork. Few can do it alone. Business men count on copywriters to make their products and services sound irresistible to consumers. While copywriters count on creatives to give thier words an appealing look. Creatives count on graphic artists or computer people to format their work. Graphic artist count on art directors to select the right colors and/or materials for the ad. In the meantime, the art directors are counting on the media planners to place the ad with the right media to reach the target market. Which means that the media planners have to rely on the research people to tell them who the target market is.

..... Confusing? With this many people or groups involved in the creation of one ad, alot can go wrong. But don't take it from me. You can go directly to the scource, to see what happens when good advertisers go bad, by visiting Jeffrey Zeldman's: The Ad Graveyard. I srongly recommend that you peruse his "Ad Cript" as well, to get an idea of how many bad advertising ideas are out there.

..... Good advertising starts with good copywriting. It is the copywriters job to see into a target markets mind set, and place the product message in to their frame of reference. This can be very difficult. What may be funny or logical to the copywriter could be offensive or confusing to the public. This is especially true when creating ads that cross international borders. One of the most famous Advertising/Marketing flubs, resulted when Chevy(TM) tried to introduce the Nova(TM)automobile to Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. "No" "va" means "no go" in Spanish. As you can imagine there wasn't a big demand for that years Chevy(TM)"No go."

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