Not Just Easy Listening

The RealPlayer and the Internet's multimedia capabilities have redefined the idea of radio. For example, due out in the first quarter of 1998 is a collaborative between Rolling Stone and JamTV. The press release announcing this new broadcast entertainment venture perfectly illustrates the multimedia nature of the web and how it is affecting radio: "In the new site, JAMTV will utilize its unrivaled capabilities for multimedia to broadcast live, streaming audio/video concerts with affiliated radio stations from concert venues nationwide; daily video news webcasts; and special events, including awards shows, festivals and chat sessions. Rolling Stone magazine's legendary music editorial will provide the network with multimedia enhanced feature stories, album reviews and photographs, as well as 30 years of unparalleled archival material."

Writing about this same issue Newscientist says, "audio is only one piece in the Internet jigsaw. Fused with text and graphics, it provides something that is not quite a radio program and not quite a magazine but a little of both." Is this information overload or just a way of ensuring content for any and all visitors? Ultimately these questions will be resolved--profits will determine the type of material presented on the Internet.

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