Radio is Here to Stay

Not exactly noteworthy? Perhaps "here" needs some clarification; "here" is cyberspace, the Internet, the online world. Why would anyone be interested in radio online? Why be restricted to sound when it's possible to have video and text as well? Certainly these questions will play a role in the future of radio, regardless of the source and destination of its transmission. Perhaps the answers to these questions can only be found on a personal level and depend completely on individual preference and choice? Absolutely not!

Imagine controlling the music broadcast into your home. The Spice Girls are a nice diversion, but who wants to listen to them all day? How about some good old fashioned blues music? You missed last week's All Things Considered? No problem, get on the net and listen to the entire program, at your convenience! Tired of all those commercials breaking up your music? Internet radio offers music without any commercial interruption. A quick browse around the Internet listening dial reveals that any format--talk, sports, music, news, international, religious and many more--is available. The simple fact is, this is not the Outer Limits. You are in control of the transmission!

Try Internet Radio!

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