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     Darlin' one of my favorite things about Las Vegas is the food.  Everywhere you go there are fabulous buffets, restaurants, and bars.  Vegas is got everything a man could want, even fried peanut butter and 'nanna samiches.  Below are some personal recommendations on where to eat, drink, and dance the night away when you visit!

Fabulous Buffets
     No where in the world can you eat the like you can in Las Vegas.  Almost every hotel has some sort of unique dining special.  The Las Vegas buffets started back in the 1940s at the original El Rancho Las Vegas Hotel.  Now almost every hotel and casino in the city offers its special version of a sprawling buffet.
By far the best buffet in Vegas is the Spectacular Carnival World Buffet at the Rio.  With almost every style of food you can imagine, including Chinese, Mexican, Sushi, American, and Mongolian Barbecue, this world class buffet has been voted best in Las Vegas year after year (Vinson 227).  It is well worth waiting in line for and for your best value go for a late lunch.  The Rio buffet is one of the most overwhelming dining experiences I have ever had, and I cannot recommended it highly enough.  Words just don't do it justice, and that's why it gets the On-line Elvis Seal of Approval.

     The Only buffet that I beg you not to eat at is the Circus Circus buffet.  It is cheap and the food is sub par for Vegas.  Almost any other Hotel on the strip will treat you right, just DO NOT EAT AT THE CIRCUS CIRCUS (personal).

     The best off the strip special can be found at Binion's Horseshoe.  There $2.99 Breakfast served after midnight but before 5 am. is worth staying up late.  They used to have a $2.99 Steak dinner special but it was so popular that they had to discontinue it because they really started to lose money.  So if you're downtown, it's late, and you're hungry check out Binion's Horseshoe (Blanchard 74).  It gets the On-line Elvis Late Night Seal of Approval.


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