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"A Guide to Cyberdemocracy"

With the number of government organizations on-line growing daily, the Roanoke Times is one of many institutions examining the implications of this increased access.

In the Roanoke Times On-line, Sarah Huntley and Dwayne Yancey proclaim "Cyber-democracy is here. Citizens, rejoice."

Listing and rating over 20 internet locations where citizens can stay up to date on government activities, they reflect on how on-line innovations would have affected politicians in the past.

"If Thomas Jefferson were alive today and feeling
Thomas Jefferson
revolutionary, he wouldn't have to take a bumpy carriage ride up to Philadelphia to deal with that Declaration of Independence business. Instead, he could stay at Monticello, plug into the Internet, and send his first draft to the other Founding Fathers by e-mail. And when he was done, there'd be no need for town criers to carry the news from town to town; a home page on the World Wide Web could take care of that."

Encouraging the public to "take a byte out of politics", Huntley and Yancey list ways the public can participate in democracy on-line which include:

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