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Advertising Objectives

Fat Tuesday Information

Fat Tuesday is a popular bar chain that has 26 locations across the United States, Mexico, the Carribbean and cruiselines. They have been located in Gainesville for two years and four months, situated right across from The Hippodrome State Theater. Other locations in the surrounding area include Tampa, Orlando and Ocala,FL. Fat Tuesday provides a full-service bar, but they are best known for their variety of world famous daiquiris that they serve. Fat Tuesday sells 21 unique frozen daiquiris and every month a new flavor is introduced. In addition, they offer a food menu featuring appetizers, salads and specialty sandwiches.

Target Market

The Gainesville location relies on sales from two main markets: The student population of Gainesville and the local business market. Fat Tuesday generates average weekly sales that range from $12,000-$20,000. Naturally, Fat Tuesday believes those numbers could be improved. Fat Tuesday primarily targets college students for their weeknight and Saturday night promotions, and they target adults for Friday Happy Hour and Saturday nights.

Current Media Mix and Budget

The usual media mix for Fat Tuesday consists of fliers, The Independent Florida Alligator ads and KISS 105 radio spots and remotes. However, Fat Tuesday has been varying its advertising depending on the week. This is particularly due to the fact that a new contract with KISS 105 is currently in the works, and DJ Superfly Jeff has been doing his own advertising on Tuesday nights in place of the Alligator ads. The only constant medium for Fat Tuesday is fliers, which the staff distributes daily throughout Gainesville and the University of Florida campus. Fat Tuesday also uses a business listing in the Yellow Pages.

Past advertising with KISS 105 included live remotes around Mardi Gras and home football games, free lunch give-aways and 60-second radio spots on Thursdays. Past advertising with The Independent Florida Alligator included a weekly one-eighth page ad that ran every Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday's current media budget stands around $1,000 per month. However, Joel Diaz, the general manager of Fat Tuesday, said he would be willing to spend more if he knows he is getting a return on his investment. Currently, Joel spends an average of $200 a month on fliers and $600 a month with The Alligator. Joel has expressed interest in creating a homepage and using that address in his current advertising to direct the target audience to his site.

Web Site Development

Fat Tuesday's current advertising budget has a surplus of $200 a month that can immediately be used towards putting the Internet in the media mix. Fat Tuesday can create and utilize its web site as a medium for advertising its promotions, but only with the right advertising campaign. The fliers and Alligator ads that are already used can include the new Fat Tuesday URL and direct the target audience to go to the web for additional information about Fat Tuesday. An incentive to visit the site is a coupon that is offered online. This coupon can be downloaded and printed as many times as the user wants, but the coupon is only good one time per visit. This will help Joel find out if people are being exposed to his advertising and the web site. Fat Tuesday can also use an online banner ad that can be placed on local and national sites that are popular in Gainesville. Once the ad is clicked, the user will go straight to the Fat Tuesday homepage.

General Costs for web site development and hosting:(1)

Promotion is a big part of launching a web site. That is why the Fat Tuesday page should at least be in the top search engines and be postioned relative to their competition. Their competition being other bars in the Gainesville area. Some other sites can provide free links to the Fat Tuesday page, and sometimes advertising link exchanges can be done(2). This is definitely a valid way of getting more visitors to the Fat Tuesday site. Online banner ads can be easily done and placed anywhere local traffic may be, but costs vary. The price normally depends on impressions (how many people saw the ad) or the click rate (how many people clicked on the ad)(3). However, most visitors come to web sites via search engine results, links and printed advertising. So it is crucial for Fat Tuesday to include its URL on everything(1).

Statistics about the site can be achieved through an ANALOG at a cost of $50. This feature will give Fat Tuesday information such as the number of vistors by day and hour, browser they used, who referred them, how they found the page on search engines, what pages they looked at and more. This feature helps manage the site a lot better and will help decide what direction to follow with the web site(1).

Creative Recomendations

I designed the Fat Tuesday home page to look fun and entertaining. In order to create this effect, I used a lot of color graphics rather than ordinary text and black and white(4). Even though the page may take a few more seconds to load, I think it is worth it in order to create the desired enthusiastic effect. The colors in the graphics are a combination of the colors that are usually associated with Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. Furthermore, a drop shadow was used on the logo to add depth to the page and make it more enticing to the reader. The page is set up in a way so that the user sees the color graphics at all times.

I chose the white background so that all of the colors on the page would be seen without any distractions. Likewise, the background could have very easily been black as well, but I wanted the site to look bright. All of the other backgrounds that I looked at took away from the site and color.

The layout is a simple heirarchal form that is easy to navigate. The user clicks in what is a possible banner ad, and goes right to the homepage. The user then has a choice of where he/she wants to go with the menu bar on the left. Whatever selection is chosen, the link will appear in the main text frame on the right side. Links are also placed on the bottom of each page so that the user may go to another link whenever.

In order to compensate for different browswers, all the graphics feature an ALT tag and the file size. Furthermore, the relative links are all placed in vertical fashion. This will make sure that the screens never scroll left or right, but only up and down. This will make it easier on the user to view the screen.

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