Frozen Daiquiris
Small (12 oz.) - $3.75 - Large (16 oz.) - $4.75
Squeeze Bottle
Full - $8.25 - Refill - $5.25
28 oz. Yarddog
Full - $8.75 - Refill - $6.75

190 Octane OJ & Punch with Grain. Strong!
White Russian If you like it on the rocks, love it frozen
Triple Bypass Fruit juices, cherry punch and grain alcohol
Dreamsicle 190 octane, Pina Colada & Banana
Pirate's Pleasure Pleasure yourself with Captain Morgan and 151 rum!
Grain Train All grain alcohol drinks combined
Rum Runner Florida keys tradition. Perfected here!
Pain in the Ass Rum Runner and Pina Colada
Swampwater House specialty and a Gator favorite!
Bailey's Cappuccino Cappucino with Bailey's Irish Cream
Banana Banshee Concoction with banana,vodka and cocoa
Strawberry Shortcake Like the dessert, with a bite!
Grape Shot Grape,151,bourbon,and other fruit juices
Sweet Tart A favorite. Tropical Itch and Grape Shot
Pina Colada Creamiest pina colada with 151 rum
Long Island Tea Vodka,rum,gin,triple sec and cola
Jaeger Blaster Prepared to be Jaegerated
Sex on the Beach Your favorite shot, only frozen!
Tropical Itch Frozen punch with bourbon,151 rum
44 Magnum 190 Octane and Tropical Itch
Margarita For serious margarita drinkers, add a tooter
Spiked Watermelon Perfect to cool you down with 151 rum
Or create your own mixture!

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