Poor Mary. After a happy childhood, she found her world torn apart when her father, Henry, divorced her mother and renounced the church in Rome. She was declared illigitimate and treated cruelly by Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife.
After a brief struggle with the Duke of Northumberland, Mary took the throne after the death of her younger brother, Edward VI. She planned to restore the Catholic faith to England. The mostly Protestant English people were not happy about this, and many people --an estimated three hundred -- lost their lives at the stake. Futhering the people's anger was Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain. As many people feared, Philip dragged his wife and the country she ruled into a costly battle with France.
Mary longed to be pregnant and twice thought herself to be with child, but both times she was wrong. Her stomach did swell at one point, but this is now thought to have been the result of an ovarian cyst that perhaps caused her death. Never healthy, she died after a long succession of illnesses in 1558.


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