Links for The Royals & Bibliography

General Links

King and Queens of England, Scotland and Wales.
Cool site on the Tudors and lots of other British monarchs.
Time Line
An Overview of the English Monarchy.
Royal Genealogies
Look up all of the Tudor's ancestors and relatives.
Royal Scandals by Michael Rarquhar
A funny (but accurate) look at the scandals that have plagued the British Royal family throughout history.

Links for Henry VII

Richard III Society, American Chapter
All about Richard III, his battle with Henry VII, and whether or not he really killed his nephews!
Play with Henry VII's face!
If you have a computer that supports Java, you'd be a goof to pass up this opportunity to mess with Henry VII's head -- or at least his face.

Links for Henry VIII

Royal Genealogies
Look up all of Henry VIII's ancestors and relatives.

Links for Katherine of Aragon

Tudor Monarchy
This is a gallery of photos of Katherine which also leads to photos of Henry VIII's other wives.

Links for Lady Jane Grey

You must see this picture of Jane.
A great, very moving picture.
Lady Jane by J. Halligan
A ton of information on this tragic, fascinating young woman.

Links for Elizabeth I

City Gate
More about Elizabeth and Mary Stuart
Tudor England
Accurate, informative information about the Tudors.
More info on on good queen Bess!
Elizabeth I
Gasp! A site that actually sites sources!! A great list of links, too!


The following books were used extensively during the making of this site.

Weir, Alison. The children of Henry VIII. New York : Ballantine Books, 1996.

Warnicke, Retha M. The rise and fall of Anne Boyleyn: Family politics at the court of Henry VIII. New York:Cambridge University Press, c1989.

Plowden, Alison. Tudor Women: Queens and Commoners. New York: Antheneum, 1979 These books are cited throughout this web site whenever direct quotes have been used.

These books can be found at the Univeristy of Florida Smathers Library.

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