Katherine Parr

The king sixth and last marriage occurred on 12 July of 1543. He married a wealthy, intelligent woman who was already twice-widowed, Katherine Parr. She was a good woman who brought a sense of family to the dysfunctional Tudor brood, including Mary and Elizabeth, who were often estranged from their father. It is generally given to Katherine Parr the credit for the reinstatement of Mary and Elizabeth into succession by an act of Parliament. Mary and Elizabeth both became Katherine's ladies in waiting. Katherine also took into her charge her great-niece by marriage, Jane Grey.
After the death of Henry in 1547, Katherine, having not been given regency (or authority) for the young King Edward VI, retired to the country a wealthy woman. She married King Edward VI's uncle, Thomas Seymour, soon after Henry's death. She died on 5 September 1548, a few weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Mary, of childbed fever, the same infection that had claimed Jane Seymour.


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