The Pawn Who Became Queen

The story of Jane Grey is a short, sad one. Unfortunatley born to power-mad parents, Jane became a tool for both them and for the Duke of Northumberland in the last years of her short life.
Jane's father-in-law, the Duke of Northumberland, had persuaded Edward to name Jane as his heir upon his death. In this way did Northumberland seek to maintain control of England as he had as Edward's guardian. Once Edward was dead, he proclaimed Jane Queen of England and sent his men after Mary, the heir with the strongest claim to the throne.
The people of England rallied behind Mary, and Jane's reign was over before it had really begun. The Duke was taken prisoner and executed for treason. Jane and her husband were executed on 12 February, 1554. Jane was seventeen years old.
It's important to point out that official historians often do not include Jane's rule as valid in timeline or list of English monarchs, so don't be surprised if you don't see her name listed in some history books!


You must see this picture of Jane. A great, very moving picture.
Lady Jane by J. Halligan A ton of information on this tragic, fascinating young woman.

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