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My name is Virginia Bracewell and I am a twenty-two year old fifth year psychology senior at the University of Florida at Gainesville. This web site is a final project for a class I took Fall 1997 at the UF. The class, Survey of Electronic Publishing, is taught by Dave E. Carlson ,Director of the Interactive Lab at UF College of Journalism and Communications.

I'm a fifth year senior at UF with a major in psychology. Future plans include grad school, possibly for counselor education but maybe law school or a master's in history. In other words, I have no clue. My interest in the Tudor Monarchy can be directly traced to the time I watched Anne of 1000 Days three times in one weekend at the age of 11. If you haven't seen this movie, you really, really need to. It's a classic!

While researching material for this web site on the Internet, I found so many innacurracies and generalizations that I decided to go back to those old fashioned paper-bound information called books (remember them?) for most of my information, but I did find some great stuff on the Tudors in regards to maps, pictures, and summaries. For more detailed information, I relied on my books.

This web site is in no way meant to be definitive of the Tudor monarchy, or even close to definitive. This is meant to be a very simple overview and a spring board for more information about the Tudors.

All the graphics on this site are 100% original; they were all drawn by hand with marker and paper, scanned onto disk, modified and colorized in Aldus Photoshop, and further refined using L-View. The only exception is the picture of Katherine of Aragon alone. It is derived from an actual photo of Katherine (apologies to Holbein the Younger) and was created by me using Arts & Letters Express.

I live in Gainesville, Florida with my ball python, Elvis, who edits all my material.

E-mail me at tinalou@grove.ufl.edu.
I'd love to hear from teachers and students who have any suggestions or criticisms!