Online Journalism

The Future of Online Journalism

Dream for a moment about the future of online journalism. Dream about what you as a reader would want your news to be like. How would you want the news presented? What type of news do you want?

It's a dream of customized news made to fit the readers' individualized needs and wants. It's a dream of longer, in-depth news. Where stories can be presented in a pleasing format without losing there content value. News that is presented with graphics, pictures, video and audio. A site where the readers can take full advantage of all the different types of mediums.

It's a dream of a newspaper that will let the readers' become interactive with the site and with the people who make up that site.

So why is that dream not a reality. We have the technology to make these things happen. But, most online media sites are not yet using these techniques. Most online media are repackaging content. Mindy Adams wrote in a column in American Journalism Review that "as long as newspapers are putting the same old thing online, they are missing the boat." The online site is considered an addition to the print or broadcast version instead of a separate entity which also needs a large staff to maintain and improve it.

In order to understand what the future of online journalism has to hold we must understand our present mistakes. The other pages on this site will examine what should be done to move towards the future of online journalism and an analysis of three online media sites.

written by Rachael Petek Bender