A team of students in Prof. David Carlson's Applied Interactive Newspapers class, Spring, 1996:

Greg Adkins, Matt Jackson and Amanda Cox, your humble and worthy servants. Long live the NET!!

We have worked hard. We have spent a bundle. We have used up several of the best weeks of our young lives. AND FOR WHAT??!! We'll tell you for what, to lead you NET users to the pizza you need. Of course, that depends on the individual, and the circumstance, so basically, we had to find out everything about every pizza in this WHOLE BLOODY TOWN!! But it's O.K. by us, as long as you use the power we have given you wisely.

Telephone and address

If the most important thing to you is taste, look no further. We have a section devoted to taste reviews in which we try our best to steer you towards the best pizza. If your looking for a cheap bite to eat, we've got you covered. Another section discusses price, in case cash is of the essence. If it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and you just want some place that's open, check our hours listing. If you need a good place to take a date, or you need some slices delivered, or whatever the case may be, check our restaurants section to find out what services are offered. If you simply want to browse, head to the A-Z section and go crazy. We also have, for your convenience, the telephone and address] listing of every pizza place in Gainesville.

No need to thank us. As was stated before, we are your humble servants. We hope we have answered all your questions somewhere in the pages below. But if we haven't, we certainly gave it our best shot. If there's something we missed, we humbly suggest that you GET OFF YOUR ASS AND FIND OUT YOURSELF.