Telephone and address

Domino's Pizza

2102 SW 13th St.
UF, Shands, VA Hospital, Archer Rd., Williston Rd., SW 13th St. and the Student Ghetto
7625 W Newberry Rd.
W. Newberry Rd., Oaks Mall, Haile Plantation, Tower Road, SW 62nd Blvd., SW 20th Ave. and SFCC
2300 NW 39th Ave.
NW 39th Ave. area, NW 53rd Ave., from NW 13th St. to 75th St., Millhopper and Northeast Gainesville

Five Star Pizza

4000 Newberry Rd.
From NW 49th Ave. and 24th Blvd. to 34th St. neighborhood of Springtree. 34th St. from 39th Ave. to SW Archer Rd., pick up to I-75 and SW 20th Ave. and 91st St. across to NW 39th Ave. Also a small section of 43rd.
210 SW 2nd Ave.
NW 39th Ave. between 21st St. and Waldo Rd., 34th St. to Williston Rd., continues till split of Waldo Rd. Main St. area

Gumby's Pizza

1011 W University Ave.
To Waldo Rd., to Williston Rd. in south. Out to Marchwood 39th Ave. to the north.

Hungry Howie's Pizza and Subs

1310 NW 23rd Ave.
Northwest area. University and 83rd St. Waldo Rd. to the Fla. Highway Patrol bldg.
3420 SW Archer Rd.
UF. Out toward NW 8th Ave. Archer Rd. heading toward Archer. Tower Rd. area

Leonardo's Pizza in a Pan

Millhopper Square
Northwest Gainesville, Millhopper area

Little Caesars

1208 N. Main St.
Up to 34th St. from Main St. down to Williston Rd. 39th Ave. to Waldo
1018 NW 76th Blvd.
Up to NW 39th Ave., over to NW 34th St., down to Archer Rd., but not on Archer Rd., over to 143rd St.
US 441 and NW 34th St.
NE 53rd Ave. to NE 15th St., down to NE 23rd, to 63rd St. up to 39th Ave., to near I-75
UF campus

Loop, The

136 NW 13th St.
Southbound to Archer Rd., east to Main St., north to 39th Ave. west to 34th St.

Napolatano's Restaurant

606 NW 75th St.
North to 39th Ave. only near Santa Fe, east to 34th only on or near University Ave., south to Archer only on or near 75th Tower Rd., west to Jonesville Mall on or near Newberry.

Delivery hours: Sun. to 10pm Mon-Thurs to 10pm Fri-Sat to 11pm

Olive Garden, The

3440 SW Archer Rd.
Only deliver orders over $50. To anywhere in Gainesville

Papa John's Pizza

3006 NW 13th St.
Down 13th St. to Williston Rd., Don't deliver east of Waldo Rd. North to 68th Ave. up to 43rd St., south down 13th to SW 25th Pl.

Pizza Chef Gourmet Pizza

4401 NW 25th Place
13th St. to Archer Rd. Archer Rd. to I-75, SW 20th to 441

Pizza Grill

3733 W. University Ave.
North to 39th Ave., northwest to south Williston Rd. and Main St., east to NE 9th St., west to I-75. Will go beyond for special orders.

Pizza Hut

7331 NW 4th Blvd.
Newberry Rd. from 124th Bvd. to Mill Pond, SFCC and villages, Tower Rd. to South Gate and up to but not including Archer Rd., 39th St. out to Countryside.
2320 SW Archer Rd.
University Ave. to Main St. to 43rd St., also northwest from 43rd to 23rd up to 8th Ave. south to 5800 block of SW Archer Rd., southeast between 16th Ave. and In The Pines area and the Kirkwood subdivision. Also Gainesville Golf and Country Club.
5000 NW 34th St.
13th on the east, to 8th Ave. on the south, to 75th St. (Tower Rd.) on the west, to 77th Ave. on the north.
2436 N Main St.
University Ave. to 34th St. to NW 8th Ave. to Waldo Rd. up to 53rd Ave.

Pizza King

1202 NW 8th Ave.
Two mile radius around store.

Pizza Pronto

3525 SW 34th St.
SW 63rd east to 16th Ave. and Waldo Rd., north to 16th Ave., west to 100th St.

Road Dogy's Pizza

5205 NW 39th Ave.
East to 6th St., north to The Hammock neighborhood, west to 130th St., south to Newberry 4320 SW 20th Ave.
122nd St. to 75th Ave., Main St. to NW 8th Ave.

Tony and Pat's Pizza and Subs

3419 SW Archer Rd.
Two mile radius around store.

Telephone and address