Regional Transit System:                    334-2600
        - $1 any trip and  $.25 for each transfer
        - $10 for a 12-ride pass
        - $10 for unlimited rides in one week
        - $30 for unlimited rides in one month
Greyhound-Trailways:                        376-5252

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      Gainesville Regional Airport              373-0249
        Terminal Location:
        3400 NE 39th Ave

      Terminal Phone Numbers:

        Aiport Administration                   373-0249
        Parking                                 371-9427
        Security/Lost and Found                 334-2481
        Restaurant and Gift Shop                377-0677
        Airport Fire Station                    373-8859


        Atlantic Southeast Airlines       1-800-282-3424
        Comair                            1-800-354-9822
        Delta Airlines                    1-800-221-1212
        U.S. Air Express                  1-800-992-8532

In addition, Gainesville has a General Aviation section adjacent to 
the airport that is geared to industrial and commercial clients:

     General Aviation Airpark:	
     Off Waldo Road, north of 39th Avenue

        Gulf Atlantic Airways                   373-2426
        Kenn Air Aviation                       373-4000
        Gator Air Academy                       374-4644

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     The train depot for this area is located off U.S. Highway 301 
     in Waldo, Fla., which is approximatelly  14 north of downtown 
     Gainesville, Fla.

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Car Rental Companies:	

     Gainesville has several companies that will be able to 
     accommodate you when you get off the plane with no wheels 
     of your own handy.

        Avis Rent-A-Car                         376-8115, or
        Budget Rent-A-Car                       372-7332, or
        Hertz Corporation                       373-8444, or
        National Car Rental                     377-7005, or
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     Checker Cab of Gainesville                 331-8777
     City Cab                                   375-8294
     Gainesville Cab Co.                        371-1515
     Gator Cab                                  375-1444
     Safety Cabs                                372-1444
     Santa Fe Cab Company                       338-0887
     Yellow Cab                                 336-9000

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Bike Shops-

It is almost as easy to get around Gainesville on two wheels, 
rather than four.
	BWA Mountain Bikes
	1249 NW 4th Ave                  373-1946

	The Bike Route					
	1304 W University                377-4550

	Campus Cycle Works Inc
	1702 W University Ave            376-6729
	Chain Reaction Bicycles
	1630 W University Ave            373-4052
	Gator Cycle
	3321 SW Archer Road              373-3962

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Biking Rules-

     The Gainesville community is extremely bike-friendly. In 
order to be safe while cycling or driving please be aware of 
the following.
     The City of Gainesville has established bikeways in most 
areas of the city. Bicycles are considered vehicles and cyclists
are required by law to observe the same traffic regulations as 
automobiles. Questions regarding bicycle safety, laws or bikeways 
should be directed to:

     Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator	334-2107
Travel Agencies-	

     Now that youíre here in Gainesville, arenít you dying to 
get away for awhile?  How about a nice vacation to Vegas or 
Seattle. Maybe your husband or wife is forcing you to go see 
the in-laws. In any case, you need a travel agent. Here are 
some options.

	AAA Travel Agency                       373-7801
	1201 NW 13 Street

	Breakaway Tours                         377-6369
	17 NW 17 Street

	Orange and Blue Travel Consultants      377-2277
	3224 SW 35 Blvd.

	World Class Travel                      371-3100
	808 NW 13 Street

	Tower Travel & Cruises INC              331-3024
	7241 NW 4 Blvd.