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WIRED Magazine August 1999.
a2b Music
a2b Music Player
Created by AT&T to support its proprietary music format, the player downloads CD-quality music, and includes features such as custom playlists and liner notes. The player costs nothing, unless you count time as money. Typical tracks take 9 to 12 minutes to download on a 28.8 modem. Plays a2b music files.
Xing Technology
AudioCatalyst 2.01
Converting CDs to MP3s faster than real time, the system rips, encodes and manages files with a flexible interface. Plays MP3 plus CD Audio, MPEG-1 Video, and WAV.
Music Match
Jukebox 4.0
This player lets you manage CD-quality music from the Net, , CDs, or even vinyl and cassettes. Advanced options include fade control and a customizable interface. A stripped-down version with lower audio quality is free.
Liquid Audio
Liquid Player
The Liquid Player handles MP3, with support for the Windows Media format coming soon. One-click options let you buy songs or CDs or "Get song free." Donwloads, however are a bit slow.
The simple interface packs a punch, with high-quality sound and plug-ins for graphics or sound formats. Look for upgraded features.
The speediest of players lets you download more than 1,000 songs and record CDs-fast. Plays MP3, plus G2, legacy M2U, RealAudio, and WAV.
$29.99 with RealPlayer Plus G2
Night 55
A playful option with animated menus and controls. Plays MP3, plus CD Audio, IT, MOD, WAV, and XM.
Virtuosa Gold 3.1
An all-in-one player that downloads and plays, rips from, and burns to CD, and organizes MP3, plus LMP3, MIDI, SMP3, and WAV. Special features include fast-forward and rewind.
Winamp 2.22
Still one of the most popular players around, coupling an easy-to-use, configurable interface with cool visualization tricks like a frequency -analysis display. Supports MP3, plus CD Audio, MP1, MP2, WAV, Microsoft WMA, and more.
$10 for consumers; $25 for businesses
Windows Media Player 6.2
Sparse on features, Microsoft's up-and-coming player supports the widest selection of codecs, including MP3, plus ASF, AU, AVI, ID3, MIDI, MOV, MPEG, VOD, WAV, and WMA, and can be upgraded automatically.