Rationale for public relations law

Public Relations, the management of strategic communication between and organization and its publics, is a field that is constantly evolving. In the beginnig, public relations was referred to as the profession of "image making" and advocacy. Techniques such as propaganda and publicity stunts were used for the sole purpose of promoting the organization, at any cost.

As public relations evolved, it became more apparent that practitioners could no longer act recklessly in its attempt to promote the ideas of the organization. Thus, public relations has evolved into a field that concentrates on two-way communication. It is through this study of the field of public relations that one finds that public relations has become a "socially" responsible by recognizing how law, namely communication law, fits into the structure of public relations.

Web site's purpose

The purpose of this web site is to:

  • Explain the four models of PR.
  • Provide a short literature review of articles.
  • Explore/analyze to cases of communication law.

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