Taking a step toward recovery

Our primitive relatives in Africa are now facing extinction, because of various economic, social and biological reasons.

Though it is impossible to reverse the past, there are still major steps that can be taken to slow down or hopefully even stop the destructive processes.

In February, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association met with 28 organizations and agencies in February to discuss the commercial bushmeat crisis.

A list of resolutions and needs were introduced by the AZA committee, some of which can apply to agencies that attempt to enforce them.

Dr.Rose of the Biosynergy Institute for Conservation and Education also had some of his own solutions to the bushmeat crisis in layman's terms.

As Rose stated in his papers, "Much of the bushmeat control can be done through the timber industry." African countries have begun doing what they can, by means of bans on ammunition sales and stricter gun control.

Rose suggested that the government should encourage and support "the creation of eco-friendly community farms and meat markets. Beef and chicken is always an option."

And each of us can contribute something toward the fight against bushmeat.

Organizations like the Bushmeat Project, WWF, and many others are waiting for you to join their growing teams.