Internet Radio Sites

There are many different radio sites around the Web with a variety of unique formats and features to serve every listener's desire. Probably the most well-known site, providing an array of different musical formats, is It has over 120 channels of programming and has been so successful that it opened a retail site called CDPoint to take advantage of the impulse buys by listeners at the radio site.

"Portal" sites have become popular. These sites serve as gatekeepers for groups of different online stations. and are two examples of portal sites. is one of the oldest and largest broadcast sites and provides such content as live or on-demand special-interest programs. The creators of realized that there was a problem when they tried to look around the Web for different kinds of music and had trouble finding anything quickly. In response to this problem, they created their site which allows users to search among 2,500 different stations for the programming they want to hear. is a cool site that allows users to create their own special Internet radio experience. Users can make their playlists using a function called My Jukebox. Users can choose from a variety of programming, including music, financial reports, audiobooks, and even soap opera updates.

The last site reviewed here exemplifies the point that anyone can be a broadcaster now thanks to Internet radio technology. 27-year-old John Bornoty, a graduate of Wayne State University, created the IMBC network, which consists of two Internet-broadcast-only stations. One is a top-40 station that airs twenty-four hours a day. The second is a twelve-hour news and talk station. His site averages 560,000 hits a day, yet he only happened to stumble upon the idea of broadcasting via the Internet while doing research for an over-the-air station in 1996. Within a year, his sites were up and almost instantly successful. He had to invest quite a bit of money, however, to get started - about $250,000.