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Little is known thus far about the new Nintendo system. Reports say that the system is codenamed Dolphin and that it is faster than PlayStation2 in all facets. There is not much known on games being developed for the system other than one can count on Shigeru Miyamoto (pictured to right), the creator of Donkey Kong, the Super Mario Bros. series, and The Legend of Zelda, to be at the healm of the system's premier title. Below are some preliminary specs and a photo of what the system might look like.

CPU Specs

Graphics Specs

System Memory

Software Medium



Sega is the only company out of the big three that have their next generation system already out on the market. There is a solid library of stellar games already on the shelves. The Dreamcast has already been out in Japan for over a year now so they have a large market jump on Nintendo and Sony. Will it hold though?

PDA specs:



The PlayStation2 is scheduled to appear for the first time in Japan in March. The system should be available in the States at the beginning of September. The new system has a few features that could put it in front of Sega and Nintendo once again. First of all, the system is backwards compatible. This means that you can play regular PlayStation games on the new system even though the new system is 128-bit instead of 32-bit. The system is also going to use a DVD player as its playback medium. A user is also able to view DVD movies on the video game system. This is a good selling point, but it also jacks up the price of the system. Finally, the PlayStation2 features the Emotion Engine and the Math Engine. The Math Engine has been developed to combat physics programming problems in a video game world. This will revolutionize gaming because programmers will no long have to spend as much time programming individual character animations. Below are the extensive specs for PlayStation2.

Emotion Engine Features and General Specifications
Graphics Synthesizer - Features and General Specifications:
Rendering Performance
Disc Device