Welcome to Bill Bradly

For Bradly, I was able to find his official and unofficial support sites. The unofficial site Bill Bradley For Prez 2000 compared to his OFFICIAL SITE Bill Bradley for President are differnt in the sense of who got the cash to make it up to par.

According to the official website, Bradley grew up in a small town in Missouri. He played basketball for 10 years as a New York Knick and then became a representative for New Jersey for 3 terms in the U.S. Senate. The former Democratic senator from New Jersey and Al Gore are the only Democrats who have taken formal steps to mount a campaign.
The unofficial site web address is http://www.killyourtv.com/billbradley/. This site was created by a supporter who strongly believes that Bradly is the man to be our next president. Not much kick like Bradly's official page, Bill Bradley For Prez 2000 is a simple, white background site that contains news articles and speeches from Bradly.

Confidant that he is the man!

Unlike Al Gore's site, Bradley does not ride on the family angle. His site is patriotic (red white and blue), bu his links are tsraight to the point, no nonesense or babbling. There are several departments which focuses on his agenda, a little bit of his bio information, and how to get involved with his campaign. His site also campaign information targeting the Hispanic culture written completely in Espanol. When you view the source frame, the webmaster continues to campaign for Gore by requesting information for the source code -- now that is dedication!

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