Welcome to Gore 2000

Unlike his presidential rivals, Gore doesn't seem to have an unofficial support site nor an unofficial site which defames his name. Is it because the general public wants him to win? Or do voters think he is too boring that there is nothing to write about? Why bother put up a page about sonmeone who doesn't seem to have a lot to say?

Taking a glance at Gore's campign site, it exhumes all the characteristics of a great leader...or what a great leader should be.

The idea of a strong family, loving and supporting each other!

Al Gore's site has several departments which focuses on the needs of various potential voters. His site includes, Town Hall disscussions, information on Tipper Gore, his wife, how to contribute to the campaign, various speeches he has given and his agenda for this upcoming election.

Plus, Gore also targeted the Hispanic culture by creating a site completely in Espanol. When you view the source frame, the webmaster continues to campaign for Gore by requesting information for the source code -- now that is dedication!

A very simple page designed with the colors, red, white and blue, the Gore page is not cluttered, however, it is packed with a lot of information. You can receive mail about his campaign, the viewer may listen to his advertisments (click on the top link to get a sample), and everytime you go to his site, there is a differect picture in the top heading. His page screams loyalty to the nation along with love and respect for family life. What more could an American ask for?

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