Welcome to George W. Bush

YES, Ladies and gents! It's about that time for the HALF-TIME SHOW...Our favorite person who provides the BEST cheap entertainment....GEORGE W. BUSH!

Speaking about having enemies...Mr. Bush has an official and an UNOFFICIAL site which goes beyond defaming the man's name. Actually, this site consist of many outragous links about the possible candidtaes running for office. But first, let me digress and give you a little information about our friend "Mr. Dub-You-A".

Typical white male, who went to college and served in the Texas Air National Guard, George Bush exemplifies the stereotypical presidential candidate. With a lovely picture with his wife, Bush's website consists of photo essays, speeches, his platform and issues which draws the reader into the site. Unlike any of the other candidates, there is a link pertaining to youths (a nice touch for those voters who have kids).

If I didn't know better, I would have jumped on the band wagon of good ole Dub-You-A......it's a good thing my mommy taught me right. Even though I sid this project would be unbiased, I could not ignore those who feel the same way I do about Mr. Bush.

Of all of the official sites I viewed, Bush's site is on point: FIVE STARS!

A Happy Couple

However, there are some other websites which should be noted for their creativity for getting the message out to the masses. The unofficial site about Mr. Bush also recieves Five stars, just for being so FUNNY!

A Parody site filled with links to Cocaine Hypocrisy, Product of Affirmtive Action, and also No More Draft Dodgers in the White House. (Cheap entertainment!)

The site, like many others wandering around in cyperspace, is layed out professionally, looking similar to the official Bush web site. Through the www.gwbush.com, I also found links which opposed or made fun of Al Gore (AlBore.com, NoGore.org and allGore.com. Boy was I surprised!

This doesn't look right??!

It is not right to ruin a man's reputation...but in this case - I find it amusing and necessary! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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