Welcome to John McCain

John McCain, also does not seem to have an unofficial support site nor an unofficial site which defames his name. I really do not know much about McCain, at first glance he seemed to be the typical, conservative, white male who may feel life will be much better under HIS RULE...however, as I searched his site and did some digging, it turns out that McCain went to prison....deep stuff.

Taking a glance at McCain's campaign site, he served in the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis at the age 17. According to his site, his life is a testament to true courage, integrity and leadership thriving on challenges, from narrowly escaping death on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal, to persevering for five and a half years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, to his outstanding service in the U.S. Senate. It exhumes all the characteristics of a great leader...or what a great leader should be.

Representing America...

McCain's site is boring and ugly in my opinion. It did not appease my eye, nor did the layout of the page. There are no links to hear speaches, nor are there very interesting pictures, colors, or logos throughout the site. I wont even waste anymore your time....stick to Gore, at least he has more hair.

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