Banner Ad Samples and Formats
"I've seen one of those banner ads before..."

Banner ads take similar formats across various web pages. However, there are many variations of the classic 2 demensional layout. Some banner ad layouts use animation, where certain elements are animated for emphasis and repetition. Another variation is the deceptive banner ad, named so because of its fake functions. This is where web users are fooled into clicking-through because the banner was designed to look like some type of form or search engine. By the time surfers realize that the banner ads are deceptive, they have already clicked-through to the advertiser's website, being exposed to whatever product or service offered.

The following are a few examples of banner ads. Some of these ads have animation incorporated in their design.

The following banners are examples of deceptive (fake functions) banner advertising. Note how realistic they are designed. This is why most viewers are fooled into click-through.