"Insane people are always sure they're fine.It is only the sane people who are willing to admit they are crazy."

--Nora Ephron

To get the cast in the mood during filming for Sleepless in Seattle, Ephron had them watch An Affair to Remember, since there is so many references to it in the movie. The group's reaction was that there were 'guy' movies and there were 'women' movies. Tom Hanks called to the women in tears, "I can't believe this is making you cry, you're such fools." But he didn't say a word when someone mentioned he cried in Field of Dreams, when the father asks the son to play catch.

The famous orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally, was actually Meg Ryan's idea. She was joking around and mentioned it while Ephron was rewritting the scene. Rob Reiner's mother is the old lady who calls out, "I'll have what she's having."

Ephron named the two male characters in You've Got Mail after two friends. Meg Ryan's boyfriend in the film is named Frank Navasky, after Ephron's friend, Victor Navasky, publisher and editorial director of The Nation. . Tom Hanks character, Joe Fox, is named after a book editor and former boyfriend of Ephron's

For the movie, You've Got Mail, Ephron, who is an AOL member, asked AOL for help reproducing the online scenarios and of course the company was happy to oblige! AOL is used heavily throught the film, everywhere from the AOL mailbox to the voice of Elwood Edwards saying "You've Got Mail." AOL spent millions on promotions and it might have been the greatest product marketing placement in the history of film.