The Savvy Trader: What is your Financial IQ?

With the advent of online trading, many people are taking their investments into their own hands. While personally managing your own assets can feel liberating, it can also be dangerous if you are not an informed investor. Below is a selection of investor resources available on the Web. Before you begin investing, take my quick quiz to test your financial IQ. If your not ready to jump into the financial world, you can always try you luck at the lottery. Check out the lottery number picking program for a little fun.

Trading Tools

Information for both beginning and advanced investors can be found at the following locations:

See what the Security Exchange Commission has to say about online trading, and explore the financial resources that it recommends:

Check out the two main US financial market websites for even more tools.

Test Your "FIQ"

This is a quick quiz about basic financial concepts.

Lottery Numbers

Okay, so you've decided that you'll leave your investments to the experts. You can still try your luck in the Lottery. Use this lottery number program to pick your numbers. (Note: Any finance professional will tell you that playing the lottery is equivalent to throwing your money away --- I agree, but it can still be fun to dream!)

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