The Internet: How is it Affecting the World of Investing?

The financial industry is an ever-changing market --- especially the area of securities exchange. New technologies have, and will continue to shape the way we trade stocks, bonds, and other securities. From the Trans-Atlantic Cable ... to radio ... to television ... , new communications media have impacted the markets.

The Internet is the latest innovation to shape the world of finance. It has resulted in a financial revolution --- opening the doors for unimaginable amounts of information, providing trading access to an unlimited amount of investors, and even reshaping the business world's concept of the end of the trading day. This web site explores how this new technology is changing the financial industry.

Come in and explore how the Internet is shaping the financial world…
  • History Learn about the history of the US stock markets, and how technological innovations have impacted financial markets.
  • "Information Mine" The Internet provides an enormous amount of financial and business information, including a lot of mis-information. Find resources available on the Internet, and learn about Internet hoaxes.
  • Online Trading Offering a less-expensive alternative to full-service brokerages, online trading puts the individual investor in the driver's seat. Provides links to some on-line brokers, and information about changes in this industry.
  • After-hours Trading Individual investors now have access to extended trading hours. Find out about the risks and benefits of extended trading hours.
  • The Savvy Trader Thinking about investing online? This area provides more links to investor tools on the Internet. Read what the Securities Exchange Commission is recommending for online investors, and test your financial IQ.

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