TheForce.Net Is With You

TheForce.Net's prequel section includes a link to rumors that were proven false as more information began trickling out on "The Phantom Menace."

TheForce.Net prequel pageHere are some of them, as taken directly from the False Rumors page:

TheForce.Net front pageScott Chitwood, who co-founded of TheForce.Net in 1996, likened the rumors to a mystery. "('The Phantom Menace') rumors and information were all little clues and part of the bigger picture. It's fun to put them all together."

Like JediNet, TheForce.Net used the "highlight to read" option in its prequel section. For example, a news item from Jan. 25, 1999 talked about the Naboo Starfighter scenes. The majority of the report was blank until you highlighted it to reveal the information.

"We made it very clear that we posted spoilers, and you had to go out of your way to read them," Chitwood said. 'People who didn't want to read spoilers generally stayed away or were able to successfully avoid them on our site, so there weren't many problems."

TheForce.Net wasn't bothered by Lucasfilm when posting the rumors except for one instance. "We posted a sound clip of Jar Jar (the first time anyone had heard him)," Chitwood said, "and they asked us not to post more. They did not make us take it down, though."

At the time the trailer was released, Chitwood wasn't disappointed although he knew what the trailer would include.

"Knowing what we would see and actually seeing it were two different things," he said.