Link with The Phantom Menace

If you're interested in the Star Wars sites I mentioned or other related links, here they are for your perusal (they will open up in a new browser).

Lucasfilm Ltd.
Its home page is at
Its Star Wars Web site can be found at
The Episode One page can be found at
This links to the Real Video web documentary Making Episode I: Lynne's Diary
This is a link to the news item that revealed the film's font for subtitles
Missed the trailers? Here are the links for the teaser trailer and the the second trailer
Read George Lucas' reaction to the success of the teaser trailer

JediNet - For The Fans, By The Fans
The main page is at
The prequel page is at
Its news archive from March 1999 gives examples of the "highlight to read" feature for spoilers
The main menu page is at
The prequel site is at
Here's a link to the prequel archives from January 1998

TheForce.Net | Your Daily Dose of Star Wars
The main page is at
The prequel site is at
Here's TheForce.Net's false rumors page
Here's an example of the "highlight to read" feature
Listen to a WAV file of Jar Jar Binks and Qui-Gon Jinn that Lucasfilm didn't want TheForce.Net to post.

Newsweek's Star Wars coverage

The New York Times' coverage of Star Wars
(you will have to register to read this, but it's free)

Time Magazine's Star Wars coverage